2018 Calendar

february 24 

Bach Festival, chapter round

  • Valencia, CA, 9:45am and 10:45am; two recitals.

Students perform a piece by J.S. Bach in this competition that spans three rounds.  Winners from this chapter round proceed to the regional round in Ventura.

March 10

Certificate of merit (mtac)

  • The Master's University 

Students are given a comprehensive test on theory, performance, aural skills, and technique. 

March 24

Sonata Competition (MTAC)

  • Valencia, CA
  • MTAC branch competition; students perform one movement of a sonata-allegro piece. 

March 30

good Friday

  • No Lessons

April 14


  • Class held at the Bendorf Home
  • 3:00 - 5:00pm, Junior High  
  • 6:00 - 8:15, High School

Students will perform and will learn about stage presence and performance etiquette.  We will discuss the historical interpretive approach to classical music.

April 15 & 22

Sonata & sonatina competition (capmt)

  • Steinway Store, Pasadena, CA

Students from CAPMT District 9 compete by performing one movement of a sonata from any time period. 

April 21

Federation Festival (NFMC)

  • Valencia, CA 

Students perform two memorized selections and receive a score from adjudicators. Those who accumulate enough points over the course of several years are given trophies. 

April 28

Allemande Music Academy all-classical recital

  • Valencia United Methodist Church, 4:00pm

Allemande will hold an all-classical recital with students representing piano, violin, voice, guitar, and more. 

May 5

Make-up Day

This day is set aside to make up any missed lessons.  

May 28

Memorial Day

  • No Lessons

June 2

Royal Conservatory exams

  • Valencia, CA

Students are given a comprehensive test on repertoire, aural skills, technique, and sight-reading.